The Law of Autosuggestion.

It is a law of the universe, and really cannot be disputed. It is explained very well by Napoloen Hill’s book Think & Grow Rich. You can read it HERE. Please find an excerpt of the book below from Chapter 3…. THIS STATEMENT IS AS TRUE AS THE STATEMENT THAT TWO AND TWO ARE FOUR! … Read more

Jimmy Valvano founder of the V foundation  Jimmy Valvano was a passionate successful college basketball coach. He won one national championship on a major upset. He was known for his energy,passion and enthusiasm.  Then is life was impacted by cancer. He established the V foundation. But he gave a powerful speech upon receiving an espy in 1993. Jimmy V at the … Read more

Test Post to the hive

The Hive has Arrived. I have been waiting for the move for CTP talk to move to the hive blockchain. It has finally happeneded. So now, I am testing the plugin to post directly to the blockchain from the blog.